Asami attended the Glacier Spirits' festival with the rest of Team Avatar, hoping to meet with Varrick and discuss a business plan to save the struggling Future Industries business. She invited Bolin on board, and told him that he was going to be her assistant and told him to keep quiet. When she entered, Varrick was sitting on a pillow appeared to be concentrating on something. He was surrounded by numerous other people, who seemed to focus on him as well. As soon as he finished, he declared that he had been levitating and asked what Asami and Bolin had thought of it. Asami feigned impressiveness, not wanting to tell the businessman that he had actually not been levitating and risk angering him. However, Bolin said so anyways, to Asami's dismay and the shock of the company surrounding Varrick.

While Varrick initially appeared mad, he quickly became grateful and wondered why nobody had bothered to tell him. He invited them to have some tea, and then showed off a clip of an ostrich horse running, some of the most recent technology. However, a few seconds later Varrick demanded it be shut off he brought out Ginger to strike some poses. Asami then attempted to bring their meeting back to her business, and Varrick told her to stare into his eyes. While Asami was shocked at first, she did as Varrick instructed and did not look away. After a few seconds Varrick declared they had a deal, and Asami became very satisfied. She hugged Bolin and told him that he was a natural assistant.