New Korra News Edit

BSST Article As promised– my thoughts about news over the past few weeks.

So, as you have probably seen in my blog, after an all-too-long-wait, we have finally received some news– if it's minimal. Nonetheless, it is exciting to wonder who the new character is, and when she will appear. Is she a spirit? Desna's sister? Or perhaps a love interest for Bolin? We probably will not find out for a while, but it's still a good piece of news.

However, the Korra fandom is still impatient, although it looks like nickelodeon is finally paying attention to their latest hit cartoon series. The Track Team, the people who have done the music for Avatar and Korra, have already begun to hint at their work. At first this may seem like nothing, but considering their tone of voice, it appears that they're hinting at something a lot of their fans are following for, and not to mention that carnival music may be involved in Book 2? Not to mention that it's known adding in sound is always one of the later additions to be done in Korra, so perhaps the release date is soon?

And to add on to that, an interesting note about the Alyson Stoner release, is that it's pretty clear she wasn't doing it on her own– she was most likely given the "ok" to do so. This is because she mentions she's not allowed to spill about another thing, so does that mean she was allowed to spill about her role on LoK?

To add on to that, nickelodeon has released a new lok game. Not to mention the official Korra Nation tumblr is becoming more active. Not to mention we already have not one, but two voice actors saying that the release date is April. Both David Faustino, and April Stewart. If nothing– we're definitely going to get news in April, which is not far away at all!

If anything, by April at the latest, we should have some good Korra news, if not Korra itself. Especially since nickelodeon has been good about making sure nothing leaks out, it's exciting to finally be reaching the end of our year-long period without any Korra.