Why should you purchase Avatar merch that you can get for free? Edit

I figured this might be an appropriate article for around now, since we've got th soundtrack coming out, as well as TSP2 and the LoK DVD/Blu ray. So, I figured that many people who are a fans of the Avatar comics or the LoK music, the above question you're probably asking yourself. If you can get all of the material online for free, why bother purchasing it? Well, hopefully now you'll have some good reasons to! Obviously there is nothing forcing you to buy anything, but if you really enjoyed the material and have some extra change to spare, it's definitely worth the purchase!

The first reason I think it's valuable to get the physical merchandise is for the value of owning a copy and being able to treat it as you please. With online scans or music, sometimes it can be a hassle to find them or they could not be as high quality as purchasing the actual things. A physical copy allows you to enjoy something in high quality, and fairly hassle-free.

Another one is portability. If you have comic books cans, sometimes it can be a hassle to find them when you need them, or to search through them. The same can apply for finding copies of episodes online, and especially for music. However, if you buy the copies and bother to keep track of where they are, you can always have them on you. This can also include if you decide to take them to a friends house, listen to some music in your car, etc. Also, were you to somehow meet Bryke, I'm sure merch you've bought would make a great autographable.

Another big reason to buy instead of retrieve online, is that it supports the franchise. When you purchase things, you help support the people hard at work to bring you the show! It's also known that children's networks support franchises that sell more merchandise, sometimes even more than based on how many viewers the shows receive! So by purchasing merchandise, it's possible we'll receive more Korra.

Now, I'm not trying to guilt trip anybody into buying things they don't want, and I’m sure we've all illegally listened to music or read comics, etc. But, if there's something you really love and care about, I definitely think it's worth spending the extra money to go out and buy yourself a copy.