Water Tribe markings are marks placed on the forehead to signify different events, such as successfully ice dodging, or being marked for a special mission.

History Edit

After Sokka and Katara were reunited with a good family friend, Bato, he agreed to take Sokka ice dodging as it was the rite of passage for fourteen year old Water Tribe members and Sokka had yet to go. Since there was no ice near the area that the group was near, Sokka would instead be dodging rocks, and was joined by Katara and Aang.


Types of Markings Edit

There are three known markings that can be given to those who participate in ice dodging. Each marking is placed on the forehead, and appears to have a

Mark of the Brave Edit

File:Mark of the Brave.png

The mark of the brave is a crescent shaped mark that resembles the moon.

During Sokka's rite of passage, Katara held the position of bravery as she needed to secure the mainsail and thus prevail against the brutal winds. Following her successful completion of the ritual, Bato bestowed the Mark of the Brave upon her. Template:Clear

Mark of the Wise Edit

File:Mark of the Wise.png

The mark of the wise is a horizontal arc above a dot.

During Sokka's rite of passage, his responsibility was steering the boat, though he needed to lead the crew wisely through the rough waters. After successfully completing the ritual, Bato bestowed upon Sokka the Mark of the Wise, the same mark Hakoda had received years before.

Mark of the Trusted Edit

File:Mark of the Trusted.png

The mark of the trusted is a horizontal arc.

During this trial, Aang controlled the jib; this position related to trust, as without his steady hand, the whole crew would go down. After successfully completing the ritual, Bato bestowed onto the airbender the Mark of the Trusted. After Aang received his mark, he immediately wiped it off his brow and admitted that he did not deserve it, as he had been hiding the map to Hakoda's fleet, a document which Bato had been expecting. This caused an outraged Sokka and a hurt Katara to briefly leave Team Avatar, and instead prepare to journey with Bato to see their father.